Innovators in extrusion cutting & downstream technology

Founded in 1968, we are a leading world specialist in extrusion cutting & downstream handling.

Innovation, combined with decades of experience, has resulted in one of the most technically advanced ranges of extrusion cutting machines on the market.

Committed to extrusion cutting
excellence since 1968

Raising the bar on cut length accuracy

Every millimetre counts. That’s our philosophy. We are constantly improving our products to squeeze cut length tolerances ever tighter.

Increased productivity starts here

High cut rates & faster linespeeds mean one thing; more profit for our customers. Users of our machines get the competitive edge; more cut pieces in less time.

Designed for maximum uptime

Our equipment is designed to make product not increase service bills.

Value of money for a quick pay-back

Performance needs to be financially justifiable. That’s why we produce cost effective machines which pay for themselves in the shortest possible time.

Custom made at a standard cost

Our products are custom made to order, to satisfy every specification & budget.

Durability as standard

Solid engineering & the best available components mean a machine lifespan measured in decades, not years.

Gillard extrusion cutting machine Gillard extrusion cutting machine